Gardening Keeps Food Local and Tasting Good

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If you have ever eaten a freshly picked tomato, juice dripping down your chin, you know that fresh food just tastes better. Because your garden produce is picked at its peak ripeness, the superior flavor is evident. The vitamins in freshly picked fruits and vegetables are also most potent when they are eaten immediately after harvest. This is particularly true for vitamin C.

The fresh produce sold in the typical supermarket is usually grown hundreds or (more…)

 One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills

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It happens every day; someone spills something and another person picks it up. Whether it’s solid or fluid, it can be converted to energy. What one person might consider garbage is actually organic matter that contains an abundance of energy. In the natural environment, organic matter plays a huge role. The amount of organic matter in soil actually affects the soil’s ability to retain nutrients and hold water.

To the average chemist, any organic chemical is a compound that retains carbon. Biologists view organic matter as a material that is or was (more…)

 Where Does All That Garbage Really Go?

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Although most people thought scientists would have solved the garbage problem by the beginning of the 21st century, most garbage still goes into landfills. Some facilities recycle waste into useable products, such as energy. One facility in New Jersey processes some of the thousands of tons of waste that New York City generates daily.

Generally, waste haulers truck the waste to the landfills, but they also use railways and barges. Transporting garbage is a pollutant that most people do not know about. Globally, hauling garbage burns millions of gallons of fuel and contributes (more…)

 Home Improvement Tips to Save on Energy

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Maybe you already facilitate your energy needs through places like and the like but if you are still looking for more ways to save on money and energy in your home then we have a few additional things you can do. Some of these tips might require you to adapt your current lifestyle and maybe even make an initial investment but the savings, often times, can far outweigh the initial price and you will soon see why that is the case.

1. New Windows
I know it sounds expensive but you should never underestimate the value of some good, hardy windows. Old windows can often times create a draft and depending on the thickness and quality of the glass, cold air can still find its way through a shut window. Sure, the initial investment on new, quality windows seems like a lot but the savings you will incur can far outweigh the initial cost.

2. Less Heat, More Layers
Turn down the heat and start wearing more layers indoors. If you have some more blankets or quilts, start piling those onto your bed at night. These will help trap your body heat and make you feel warmer without having to turn on the heat.

3. Good Curtains
Much like good windows, good curtains can also absorb a lot of the cold air coming in from the outside. You can also find a good pair of curtains for cheap depending on where you shop.

 How Riding Your Bike Can Help Save The Environment

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Global warming is a serious issue society faces. Global warming refers to the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which can deplete the ozone layer and have other adverse effects. There are a variety of behaviors that have contributed to an increased risk of global warming over the years, and one of them is driving a car with gasoline. The emission of gasoline into the atmosphere results in the death of thousands of wildlife species every year and harms the environment.

One way to eliminate the need for driving cars (more…)

 Shrink Your Carbon Footprint By Doing These Things

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Shrinking your carbon footprint is as easy as changing a few behaviors. If you are accustomed to using lot of energy it might be a little difficult to sacrifice comfort, but think of it this way, everything that increases your carbon foot print also costs you money.

Start simple. Dress for the weather. If you are wearing T-shirts in your house in December and running the heat think of it this way, would you pay upwards of forty dollars a month to wear that T-shirt? No. Go get a sweater and turn (more…)

 Save Green When You Go Green

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It’s pretty easy these days to save money and be a friend to the environment at the same time. The examples that follow are just a quick sampling of the many ways to save both energy and money at the same time.
Today there are many appliances that have the energy star sticker or something similar that indicates that they are energy savers. In addition, there’s usually another notation on these energy saving appliances that displays how (more…)